Alice O'Leary-Randall: Embrace the Medical Cannabis Patients Who Need Your Company to Thrive

February 14, 2020
Melissa Schiller

Alice O’Leary-Randall is a senior spokesperson for the medical cannabis movement, co-founded in 1976 with her late husband, Robert C. Randall, the first person in the U.S. to legally receive medical cannabis. For more than two decades the two worked tirelessly to reform the prohibitions against cannabis.

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Working with Mary’s Medicinals of Denver, she developed the Cannabis Primer series in 2015 and Mary’s Prime Time in 2017. She has served on the Board of Directors for American Cannabis Nurses Association and the advisory board for United in Compassion, an Australian medical cannabis organization. Her book, Medical Marijuana in America: Memoir of a Pioneer was first released in April 2014. Her most recent book, released on December 17, 2019, is Pain-Free with CBD, co-authored by Eloise Theisen and published by Rockridge Press.

Cannabis Conference Senior Digital Editor Melissa Schiller spoke with O'Leary-Randall about her upcoming panel at the show, "CBD: The Latest Medical Research." Read the full interview here.

Cannabis Conference: What do you hope attendees will bring back to their business from your session at Cannabis Conference 2020?

Alice O’Leary Randall: I would hope that the attendees recognize that there is help out there for the medical cannabis patient, and it would be really nice if the industry as a whole, from the cultivator up through the dispenser, embraces that. The American Cannabis Nurses Association, as well as the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, are two racehorses available to the industry that are not being well utilized. I think this is probably going to be my big point more than anything, that the medical cannabis industry needs to start partnering more, in my opinion, with those clinicians who are actively engaged in treating patients and who want to help patients pick out the proper medication for them. There’s a ton of American Cannabis Nurses who would love to be affiliated with dispensaries, be available as a hotline or be available in the dispensary one day a week [or] two days a week to consult with patients and help them tailor their medical cannabis experience, but the dispensaries haven’t been real open to that, and that needs to change. There needs to be more cooperation between the industry and the clinicians.

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