Janna Beckerman: Confidence Is Key in Cultivating Hemp Plants

February 17, 2020
Melissa Schiller
janna beckerman

Dr. Janna Beckerman is a professor and extension plant pathologist specializing in diseases of horticultural crops at Purdue University. 

Dr. Beckerman’s primary responsibility at Purdue University is to lead the plant pathology extension education effort in horticultural crops by developing and enhancing a close working relationship between the University, extension educators, and members of the hemp, fruit and ornamentals industries. Research in the Beckerman lab focuses on developing environmentally sound disease management strategies that are economically feasible for Indiana growers of specialty crops, from apples to hemp to zinnia. The goal of her extension program is to enable commercial growers to effectively and sustainably manage both chemical (fungicide) and genetic (disease resistance) resources while protecting the environment.

Recently, Cannabis Conference Senior Digital Editor Melissa Schiller spoke with Beckerman about the problem-solving techniques involved in diagnosing cannabis pathogens.

You can read the full interview here.

Cannabis Conference: What do you hope attendees will bring back to their business from your session at Cannabis Conference 2020?

Janna Beckerman: Hopefully, they’ll become educated and not scared. I think this is one of these fields where people are very enthusiastic going in, and they can become quickly discouraged with some of the problems. I think the problems are to be expected, but they can be managed. You need to be patient and take the opportunity to learn, like this opportunity here. I hope they’ll come away feeling more confident in their ability to successfully grow their crop.

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