Leif Abel: The Cannabis Business Is All About People

February 17, 2020
Theresa Bennett
Leif Abel

Leif Abel co-founded Greatland Ganja, LLC, Alaska’s second licensed marijuana establishment. Abel and his family operate Greatland Ganja on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula where they cultivate 40 cannabis strains, sun-grown using organic methods and ingredients, and grown hydroponically indoors.

Recently, Cannabis Conference Associate Editor Theresa Bennett spoke with Abel about his panel session at the show, "Lean Management in Cultivation and Farming." His lessons learned can be applied to cannabis businesses of all sizes.

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Cannabis Conference: What do you hope attendees will bring back to their business from your session at Cannabis Conference 2020?

Leif Abel: There’s two things: One, that it’s all about people, and two, this is really just like running any other business, which is why this is all about the people. 

I feel like for me, what matters in life are my family, my team and all the rest of the people that we serve in the world and have relationships with, and I think that probably should be the same for any successful company. So, that's what I would want them to take away, is to concentrate on the people. 

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