Marguerite Bolt: How to Decide Whether to Get Into the Hemp Business

February 17, 2020
Nicole Stempak
marguerite volt

Marguerite Bolt is the hemp Extension specialist at Purdue University in the Department of Agronomy. She received her M.S. in Entomology from Purdue University, and her B.S in Entomology from Michigan State University. Bolt’s research has focused on hemp-insect interactions and plant chemistry.

Hemp Grower Editor Nicole Stempak recently spoke with Bolt about her upcoming session, "Embarking on the Hemp Journey." You can read the full interview here.

Cannabis Conference: What do you hope attendees will bring back to their business from your session at Cannabis Conference 2020?

Marguerite Bolt: I hope that consultants or other educators get an idea of a framework that I have found helpful over the last seven months. For people who are actually growing, hopefully they can start to understand and obtain as much information as possible, not necessarily how to grow the crop because I feel that’s very personal for each farmer and they figure out ways that work in their system, but what are these general areas that you can focus on for successful production.

And then, of course, different resources that are available. We get a lot of calls not just in my office but offices on campus, extension office and county offices from people who have no agricultural background. Some of the resources we provide are maybe familiar for some growers, but for a lot of growers it’s brand new information, even things like how to scout for pests. That is new to a lot of people. They don’t know what tools they need to scout.

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