Customer Invite Program

Powered by VIP Guest Invites

New for 2020, we are excited to offer you a complimentary, and fully customized, pre-show marketing & customer invite service.

The program is a free and convenient exhibitor resource designed to give you everything you need to promote your presence at the Cannabis Conference to all of your customers and prospects, while inviting them to register as your guest with exclusive discounts.

How Can I Use VIP Guest Invites to Share My Promo Code?

As an exhibitor, you have a personalized pre-show marketing dashboard where you will find the following:

All tools already been customized to feature your company logo, booth # and promo code.

The link to your customized dashboard has been emailed to your primary exhibit contact. If you would like the link re-sent to you, or for assistance of any kind with your pre-show marketing, please contact VIP Guest Invites, our official vendor at or 800-211-6570.