Home Grow: What to Know Sessions

With 20+ states, and counting, allowing home cannabis cultivation for medical patients and/or adult-use consumers, the demand for information on starting and succeeding with a home grow is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, finding reliable, proven information online can be a challenge and can even lead to costly missteps. So, Cannabis Business Times/Cannabis Conference -- the leading media brand and event known for providing the most up-to-date, research-based and vetted information on cannabis cultivation and plant science -- are offering in-depth sessions at Cannabis Conference, taught by industry experts, that will help aspiring and current home growers navigate everything from purchasing the right equipment to troubleshooting plant health issues and creating the optimum grow environment in which your plants will thrive! Plus, attendees will be able to ask questions to help them find solutions to their unique challenges!

Note: These sessions are accessible to conference registrants with any pass type, including Expo Only.
Home Grow: What to Know Agenda
Thursday, August 17, 2023
11:00 AM – 12:00 PMTips and Tricks for Home Grow Design and Equipment (And Other Essentials)
You’d like to begin growing at home, but you’re unsure where to begin... While the B2B market has plenty of guidance for large-scale licensed cultivation businesses, the intricacies of growing cannabis at home will prompt plenty of questions—especially when it comes to controlling costs throughout the process. What are the benefits to using a startup grow kit or making individual equipment purchases? Should you run a tent or an open-air grow? How about carbon filters? What about proper air flow in a small space? Hot soil and potting mixes vs. hydroponics? Where does one begin with the litany of nutrients needed to grow cannabis? We’ll get into all of those questions (and answers!) and much more, like pH testing, water usage, temperature controls, trellising, low-stress training and the great genetics question: Seeds or clones? Make sure to bring your own questions, too!
Speaker: Scott Reach, Owner, Rare Dankness/House of Dankness
1:30 PM – 2:20 PMThe Top Mistakes For Home Growers To Avoid
Your cannabis plants are showing signs of leaf discoloration or curling, or they are no longer standing erect, and you quickly search the web for an answer. All of us home growers know the feeling. But the solutions you find on the internet aren’t always so clear-cut. Maybe you’re watering too much. Or maybe not enough. Maybe you’re feeding your plants too much nitrogen or micronutrients. Or maybe not enough. You end up posting a photo of your struggling plants on social media, but whose answer are you to believe? This session will teach you about diagnostic methods to trust yourself and your investigation techniques so you can identify symptoms before irreversible damage occurs. Notably, this session will cover the most common problems home growers face and how to avoid these costly pitfalls.
Speaker: Dr. Brian Whipker, Professor of Floriculture, North Carolina State University
2:30 PM – 3:20 PMSmall-Scale Environmental Control: What Home Growers Need to Know to Stabilize Humidity and Temperature in Order to Maintain Healthy Plants and Maximize Yields
The main inputs that lead to maximized yields for any grow cycle are primarily three-fold: environmental control, lighting, and watering or fertigation. While investing in purpose-built commercial HVAC equipment allows large-scale growers to focus less on their indoor environment and more on tending to their plants, home growers don’t have that luxury, making environmental control a leading challenge. But does it need to be?

In this session, attendees will learn how to set up a retrofitted space that accounts for temperature control, relative humidity and other environmental elements, both during lights on and lights off, with accuracy and efficiency. This equation often comes down to ensuring various controls work in unison to benefit the greater ecosystem. But finding consistency between day and night conditions as well as throughout various growth stages isn’t always easy, and drastic fluctuations can stunt plant growth, affecting yield and quality, and even create ideal conditions for harmful molds and fungus to grow. Mitigating these environmental variances will take you from novice to pro in no time.

*Note: These sessions will not be recorded; video access of these sessions is not included in the All-Access pass.

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