What Attendees Have to Say About Cannabis Conference

"More Incredible Every Year"

The speakers keep getting more incredible every year. Dr. Janna Beckerman on diseases, Dr. Raymond Cloyd on insects, Dr. Nadia Sabeh on greenhouse design, Dr. Brian Whipker on nutrition, Dr. Brian Jackson on substrates and Dr. Bruce Bugbee on light. No one has assembled that kind of plant science firepower on a cannabis stage to enhance the industry expertise. - Robert Eddy

"Very Professional"

Very professional, well put-on conference. I will attend again.

"Enjoyed the show"

I enjoyed the show. I’m learning the business, and this was a good start.

"Phenomenal. Well Organized."

Phenomenal. Well organized. Quality of speakers and content was great!

"I learned quite a bit"

Overall, I learned quite a bit from the experts.

"great quality"

Thoroughly enjoyed the conference! Impressed that 2018 was only the second year! Very well organized and great quality of speakers and content. Great job!

"His story was inspirational"

[Keynote speaker Scott Reach’s] content was solid, and his story was inspirational.

"One of my heroes"

Robert Clarke is one of my heroes, so to have him with Mojave [Richmond] and Mel Frank was really awesome!

"Vendors were better, more knowledgeable"

The trade show grew from last year and the vendors were better, more knowledgeable.

"Fantastic show"

Fantastic show. You guys nailed it!

"Excellent tips"

Great speakers and content! Excellent tips.

"Be here to be up to speed."

[Cannabis Conference is] … a catalyst of the cannabis grow. Be here to be up to speed.

"fit this industry’s needs"

They’ve done a really good job of identifying speakers that fit this industry’s needs.

"content that really had value"

The one thing I’ve been waiting for in the last three years of attending conferences is one that finally delivered some content that really had value.


The quality of the speakers … and the thought putting together some of these panels has been superb.

"high-level speakers"

A lot of high-level speakers. I got a lot out of [it] … and I look forward to doing it again next year.

"great job of bridging the gap"

They really, really did a great job of bridging the gap between the marijuana industry and large-scale agriculture.

"rewriting a lot of the requirements as the industry continues to evolve"

This event is really rewriting a lot of the requirements as the industry continues to evolve. It’s a pleasure to work with the team here because of their background in commercial agriculture, and it’s exciting to see how they’re bringing that commercial agriculture discipline, and the exhibitors and the speakers … to the cannabis professional as this industry does reshape itself.

"You can learn a lot."

People should come to Cannabis Conference because of the offerings. You can learn a lot. You can see a lot of different products, a lot of new innovations in the industry—the latest and greatest things are here. Pretty much all the things you need to be successful within this industry are here.”
- Patrick Walding, Complete Signs

"Every year it gets bigger and better."

Every year it gets bigger and better. There’s always new information, new technology, new growing methods.
- Matthew Abel, Cannabis Counsel PLC

"actionable, insightful and is firsthand knowledge from industry leaders"

Very impressed with the quality of speakers here. The information that I’m bringing home is actionable, insightful and is firsthand knowledge from industry leaders.
- Kirk Miller, Nine Point Strategies

"this is by far the best"

The educational sessions are just some of the best in the industry. I’ve been to multiple different conferences and this is by far the best.
- Shawn Fisher, Crump Wilson Architects

"I have so many notes from each and every one of these [sessions]"

[The] people are so intelligent. I have so many notes from each and every one of these [sessions].
- Rebecca Lowther, DGMD LLC

"wide variety of experts in their own respective fields"

On the one hand, you have a wide variety of experts in their own respective fields. Everything from the very technical side of growing … to much higher-level things in terms of what’s the best way to structure a big grow. … You’re getting really good quality insights into those items.
- Paul Smetona, EYE Hortilux

"my goal is to continue to come to these events"

There’s some very technical things that were discussed and it dawned on me that, ‘Wow, I don’t know what I don’t know.’ So my goal is to continue to come to these events and surround myself with great people so I can learn.
- Jeff Wolfson, Good Herb

"An exceptional conference experience."

“An exceptional conference experience. Amazing presentations, deep connections and conversations.”
- Tina Gordon, Moon Made Farms

"I was so GRATEFUL to be there."

I was happy to see the heavy academic presence, and what I enjoyed even more was their interest in all of us cultivators who have been in the field for years, and all that we’ve learned from our experiences. This conference had the feel of cooperation, and of a genuine sense we all have to expand our knowledge about this miraculous plant, and all it can do for us, if we take care of it. I met 3 people from South Africa, and a guy from Ecuador at this event too. … Overall the event was just great. I wasn’t super excited when it was suggested I attend this event, but as it got closer, and as the event happened, I was so GRATEFUL to be there. … Great Job, Thank You for hosting this event, … and I look forward to attending this event in the future!
- William Morse, Total Health Cultivation

"The connections you can make are invaluable"

The information and first-hand knowledge being presented at the Cannabis Conference delivers a unique opportunity to get an education from experienced individuals in the cannabis industry. The connections you can make are invaluable, and the conversations with other industry experts provide unique insight into the industry in other parts of the country.
- Nick Jack, Diego Pellicer – Colorado


The level of education was FANTASTIC.
- Emily Kowalski, LeafLine Labs