8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Cannabis Conference Virtual

Use these tips to make your remote learning and networking experience efficient and valuable!

Now that many of us have settled into our work-from-home routines, we’re also discovering new ways to take advantage of virtual experiences, such as industry conferences and events. Rather than catching a flight, booking a hotel and blocking off multiple days to hobnob with fellow attendees face-to-face—nowadays, all you need are an internet connection, web camera and email log-in to create meaningful industry connections and expand your market knowledge.

Cannabis Conference Virtual (taking place September 15, 22, and 29) is making this possible by bringing together hundreds of industry professionals for the highest quality networking and education the cannabis market has to offer, all from the safety of your home or office.

The convenience of a virtual event is a no-brainer. But to help you make the most out of your experience, we’ve rounded up these 8 tips that will help you navigate online industry events like Cannabis Conference Virtual with an efficient game plan.

1. Check Out the Education Schedule Early

Cannabis Conference Virtual’s education program includes most of the line-up from our originally scheduled in-person event. That means you’ll have your pick from dozens of sessions, with 65+ experts at the top of their game ready to share their insights with you. Just like an in-person event, you’ll want to peruse the program ahead of time to make sure you’re attending the sessions most relevant to your professional development. Our intuitive platform also includes a personalized schedule, so you can add your most desired sessions and networking breakouts in a streamlined calendar.

Cannabis Conference Virtual has made compartmentalizing your event time easier than ever! For instance, we’ve split our education into targeted tracks—so no matter where you are on your cannabis journey, you’ll be able to find sessions geared toward your needs.

  • Day 1 (September 15) is our Launch, Expansion, and Business Day—so if you’re new to the industry or expanding your operations, this should be your first stop. On this day, attend sessions such as, “How to Launch a Cultivation Business,” “Growing a Brand,” “Embarking on the Hemp Journey,” “Monitoring and Improving Company Performance and Capital,” and “The Global Cannabis Market Forecast and Legal Landscape.”
  • Day 2 (September 22) will be specifically geared toward Cultivation & Hemp professionals. This education track includes the in-depth sessions, “Lighting and Its Impact on Plant Growth and Cannabinoid Production: The Latest Research,” “Find Your Ideal Genetic Line-Up: Cannabis & Hemp,” and “Lean Management and Six Sigma in Cultivation and Farming.” Plus, experienced cultivation experts will share their lessons learned in a special spotlight session, and much more.
  • Day 3 (September 29) is our Deal-Making Summit, as well as our Dispensary education day—which means you’ll have opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s biggest players as it relates to mergers & acquisitions, as well as how to optimize a retail operation. Sessions on this day include, “Using Data to Boost Sales” and “Dispensary Marketing: The Best Options for Growing Your Customer Base and Fostering Loyalty.”

You can view Cannabis Conference Virtual’s full event schedule here!

2. Jot Down a List of Exhibitors You’d Like to Visit

Few people have the time to speak with every single exhibitor during an in-person event. Plus, you’ll want to target your technology and solutions discussions to those most relevant to your operation. Same goes for a virtual conference! Make sure to check out the list of the exhibitors before the event, so you can schedule meetings with those you want to chat with, as well as take the time to peruse any pamphlets and other educational materials an exhibitor provides.

Cannabis Conference Virtual’s full list of exhibitors can be found here!

3. Find People You’d Like to Say Hello to, and Schedule a Meeting

Virtual platforms can help eliminate those sometimes-awkward cocktail hour moments; we have all experienced them while politely waiting from a distance to speak to someone actively engaged in another conversation! Cannabis Conference Virtual shares its attendee list with other event-goers. That way, you can scroll through the listing and identify people you might like to strike up a chat with. Arriving at the platform early and setting meetings before the event begins, for example, provides a higher likelihood that the person will have availability in their calendar. Plus, you’ll be one of the first faces they see when they log on!

4. Provide Lots of Detail in Your Profile

As much as you want to find people to create meaningful business connections, remember that those people want to find you, too! Make it easy for fellow attendees to discover you by filling out your Cannabis Conference Virtual profile completely. Be sure to include your name and title, and a bio and/or description of your company, as well as any relevant tags—such as “business owner” or “dispensary manager.” You never know who might come across your profile for a valuable networking opportunity on their own!

5. Share on Social Media That You’ll Be Attending!

Another way to seriously step-up your professional networking game is to share with your own extended network that you’ll be attending Cannabis Conference Virtual. If someone who follows you on LinkedIn, for example, is also registered, but you two have never had time to connect, this might be their opportunity to seek you out. If you share that you’ll be sitting on a specific session, for example, and they plan to attend that session, too—discussing your takeaways provides a pretty easy icebreaker!

6. Block Off Your Work Calendar

Perhaps one of the biggest differences between working from home and attending an in-person conference out-of-town is your perceived availability—especially if you’re sitting at your computer where someone can quickly send you a chat or email with something to distract your attention. That’s why it’s important to block off your calendar for the hours you’ll be attending. Better yet, set an Out of Office email sharing when you’ll be unavailable and when you’ll return, just like you would for an in-person event, so your team members and/or clients have the heads up of when they can expect you to respond to their messages.

7. Take Notes During Presentations

Great news! We’ll be providing all Cannabis Conference Virtual attendees the recordings of sessions, so there’s absolutely no need to worry if you have an important meeting on your calendar while a can’t-miss session is taking place, or if you would like to revisit the session to see recap something you might have missed. Whether if you’re attending a session in real-time or watching the recording, don’t forget to take notes! Not only do studies show that they can help you better remember the content you’re absorbing—but notes can also provide you with easy touchpoints if you need to provide a report to your team with your takeaways from the conference, for example. Notes can also provide you with quick talking points during your networking meetings, and/or spark an idea for a question during the session’s live Q&A period.

8. Speak Up!

Cannabis Conference Virtual is a live event for a very important reason—we believe in the power of engagement. Being actively involved in a presentation can help foster stronger connections, not to mention help the information stick. Each session will include anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes for Q&A from attendees, so don’t be shy in typing your questions into the chat-box. Is there a topic in a networking breakout that’s interesting you? Contribute to that conversation! Not only will people want to hear your insights as a peer in their industry, but you can also make your profile more visible for others to reach out to you for networking opportunities.

Do you have any tips and tricks to taking advantage of a virtual event? We’d love to hear them! Drop us a line at conference@gie.net and we’ll continue to add our favorites to our blog.

In the meantime, don’t forget to reserve your spot for Cannabis Conference Virtual. Registration is open now for just $199. You can find all the latest information, including the event agenda, speaker line-up, exhibitor and sponsor listing, FAQs and more at CannabisConference.com!