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Thursday, August 25 - 10:30 AM - 2:00 PM

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08:00 AM – 07:30 PM

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Event Function
Paris Ballroom Foyer

10:00 AM – 11:10 AM

ALL ACCESS PASS: How to Launch a Medical or Adult-Use Dispensary
All Access Dispensary
Champagne I/II

As dispensary competition continues to stiffen in nascent and established markets, getting your dispensary off to a good start is critical to your chances of success. From site selection to ensuring you have enough capital to sustain your business through common project delays that could otherwise derail your opening plans, the success of your dispensary launch hinges on many factors.

In this in-depth session, learn from experienced dispensary operators about:

  • Site selection and market analysis;
  • Start-up budgeting and unexpected costs;
  • How to work with municipalities and regulatory committees;
  • Critical team members, partners and vendors to hire; and
  • Keys to product selection and pricing.
Anna Shreeve
Moderator Anna Shreeve President Urban Paragon, Inc. View Bio
Alphonso (Tucky) Blunt Jr.
Speaker Alphonso (Tucky) Blunt Jr. CEO/Owner Blunts + Moore View Bio
David Melnick
Speaker David Melnick Co-Founder Feel State View Bio

10:00 AM – 11:10 AM

ALL ACCESS PASS: Product Trends of 2022 and Predictions for What's to Come
All Access Cultivation Hemp Dispensary Extraction & Research
Champagne III/IV

The availability and acceptance of cannabis continues to grow rapidly and at a global scale. As a result, new consumers continue to flock to the market, and experienced consumers are becoming more sophisticated in their product selections.

In this session, experts from some of the industry’s leading data and research companies will present their findings on product and shopping preferences by generation, region and other demographics and categories—providing key insights into today’s consumer demands and how plant-touching businesses can rise to meet them. Plus, learn what product categories are poised for growth and other trends that can significantly impact your business.

Jocelyn Sheltraw
Speaker Jocelyn Sheltraw Director of Industry Relations Headset View Bio
Gary Allen
Speaker Gary Allen Chief Executive Officer New Frontier Data View Bio

10:00 AM – 11:10 AM

ALL ACCESS PASS: University Research Roundup: The Latest in Cultivation Science
All Access Cultivation Hemp
Versailles I/II

Ensure your team is up to speed on the latest scientific developments and how they can impact your operations with one of the most highly anticipated sessions for the second time at Cannabis Conference. University researchers will present their most recent findings for both cannabis and hemp, including (but not limited to) advances in:

  • Nutrient delivery;
  • Growing media;
  • Horticultural lighting; and
  • Pest & disease control.
Dr. Raymond Cloyd
Speaker Dr. Raymond Cloyd Professor/Extension Specialist Kansas State University - Department of Entomology View Bio
Dr. Bruce Bugbee
Speaker Dr. Bruce Bugbee Professor of Crop Physiology Utah State University / Apogee Instruments View Bio
Dr. Michael Gutensohn
Speaker Dr. Michael Gutensohn Associate Professor of Horticulture Division of Plant & Soil Sciences, West Virginia University View Bio

10:00 AM – 11:10 AM

ALL ACCESS PASS: How to Build Out and Set Up an Extraction Facility
All Access Extraction & Research
Versailles III/IV

Building a successful cannabis processing/extraction lab requires technical, market and business expertise. Learn what you need to know to help ensure your lab’s success—from experts with experience designing, building and operating butane, CO2, ethanol and solventless labs.

In this session, you will take away:

  • An understanding of market competition;
  • Types of extraction methods for your end-product goals;
  • Technical equipment needs;
  • Best practices for launching and managing a processing lab facility, including space and safety requirements, lab layout for efficient workflow, required expertise and more; and
  • Economic considerations such as adding efficiencies to the process, determining overall costs and projecting margins.
Kim Eastman
Speaker Kim Eastman VP of Manufacturing Jushi View Bio
Crystal Hoffman
Speaker Crystal Hoffman Former Regional Director of Operations Slang Worldwide View Bio

11:20 AM – 12:30 PM

ALL ACCESS PASS: Create a Winning License Application
All Access Cultivation Dispensary Extraction & Research
Champagne I/II

Securing a cannabis business license is one of the most critical—and perhaps one of the most daunting—first steps in launching a business in this increasingly complex and competitive industry. Make your application stand out from the crowd with takeaways from this can’t-miss session for any new or expanding business.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to navigate the most important aspects of application writing;
  • Strategies for finding team members that can win over regulators;
  • How to establish relationships with local and state officials; and
  • Best advice from experts with proven track records of success.
Debby Goldsberry
Moderator / Speaker Debby Goldsberry Writer and Business Adviser Green Rush Consulting View Bio
Mackenzie Ditch Wilcox
Speaker Mackenzie Ditch Wilcox Associate Director - Compliance/Legal PharmaCann, Inc. View Bio
Greg Huffaker
Speaker Greg Huffaker Owner and Lead Consultant Tri(chome)angle View Bio

11:20 AM – 12:30 PM

ALL ACCESS PASS: Pitch Workshop: Win Over Investors with the Perfect Presentation Strategy
All Access Cultivation Hemp Dispensary Extraction & Research
Champagne III/IV

Raising capital for a cannabis business can be daunting. Regardless of how strong your business idea is or how successful your business is to date, success with investors comes from proper preparation—from crafting a quality pitch deck to anticipating the tough questions that will inevitably come your way.

In this session, investors and current cannabis business owners will outline:

  • Which elements should be included in your pitch deck;
  • How to convey your company’s value proposition;
  • How to design and format your pitch deck for maximum appeal;
  • Tips for delivering a clear and concise oral presentation;
  • What to prepare for Q&A; and
  • Other important do’s and don’ts.
    Colin Kelley
    Moderator / Speaker Colin Kelley Operating Partner Merida Capital Holdings View Bio
    Patrick Rea
    Speaker Patrick Rea Managing Director Poseidon Investment Management View Bio
    LeVon Terry
    Speaker LeVon Terry CEO Capfluent View Bio

    11:20 AM – 12:30 PM

    ALL ACCESS PASS: The Latest Advances in Medical Cannabis Research
    All Access Extraction & Research
    Versailles I/II

    With federal cannabis prohibition still lingering in the U.S. and throughout the world, funding and implementation of research into cannabis’ potential medical benefits remains a challenge for the advancement of human health treatments and the cannabis industry at large. However, domestic and international researchers are moving through these hurdles to provide valuable data regarding cannabis applications for the medical community and the public.

    In this session, two respected medical researchers from Goodness Growth Holdings and the University of Colorado Boulder will share the latest from their in-progress and recently completed clinical trials in the areas of chronic pain and opioid reduction, cannabinoids and fertility, as well as palliative care for non-small cell lung cancer.

    Dr. Angela Bryan
    Speaker Dr. Angela Bryan Associate Chair for Faculty Development University of Colorado Boulder View Bio
    Dr. Paloma Lehfeldt
    Speaker Dr. Paloma Lehfeldt Senior Director of Clinical Science & Partnerships Goodness Growth Holdings View Bio

    11:20 AM – 12:30 PM

    ALL ACCESS PASS: How to Launch a Cultivation Business
    All Access Cultivation
    Versailles III/IV

    A successful operation depends on much more than high-quality and high-volume yields. Key decisions made early on in a cultivation business will have long-lasting impacts on your chances of success.

    In this session, experienced and successful cannabis business leaders will share essential considerations when mapping out your start-up, along with some of the key lessons they’ve learned along the way when it comes to:

    • Early-stage decisions, from determining your long- and short-term goals, site location to cultivation methods and genetics sourcing options;
    • Financial modeling, fundraising and unexpected costs;
    • The application process;
    • Regulatory and compliance requirements;
    • Hiring an all-star cultivation team;
    • Other critical team members and outsourced services to have in place;
    • Building relationships with dispensary customers; and
    • Packaging and wholesaling.
    Kyle Landrum
    Moderator / Speaker Kyle Landrum Chief Production Officer Trulieve View Bio
    Chris Ball
    Speaker Chris Ball Owner and CEO Ball Family Farms View Bio
    Obie Strickler
    Speaker Obie Strickler CEO Grown Rogue View Bio
    Sarah Strickler
    Speaker Sarah Strickler Director, Community Relations Grown Rogue View Bio

    12:30 PM – 01:30 PM

    Networking Lunch and Refreshments
    All Access Event Function

    12:30 PM – 01:15 PM

    HVACD Approaches: How to Find Your Best Fit
    Technology & Solutions
    Versailles I/II
    Sponsored By
    The importance of HVAC systems to every layer of the cultivator’s business is well understood. One of the complications with selecting the right designer or technology is that few cultivators are mechanical engineers. This really complicates the process of deciding which provider or technology is best for your facility. When it all sounds good, how do you make the right decision for your grow? The truth is, there are a number of technologies that can successfully manage the climate in an indoor facility. The trick is understanding the pros and cons of each and working with a mechanical design partner who can clearly articulate them to help you make an informed decision.
    Troy Rippe
    Moderator Troy Rippe VP of Development Surna Cultivation Technologies View Bio
    Brian York
    Speaker Brian York Operations Advisor Growing Green LLC View Bio
    Haley Moore
    Speaker Haley Moore Project Engineer Surna Cultivation Technologies View Bio
    Randy Lenz
    Speaker Randy Lenz Senior Application Engineer Anden View Bio

    01:40 PM – 02:15 PM

    Welcome Address & State of the Industry 2022
    Champagne I/II

    Editorial Director Noelle Skodzinski will share a dynamic overview of the North American cannabis and hemp industries, based on exclusive research and in-depth reporting from Cannabis Business Times, Cannabis Dispensary, and Hemp Grower magazines, along with data from our research partners.

    Noelle Skodzinski
    Speaker Noelle Skodzinski Editorial Director Cannabis Business Times/Cannabis Dispensary/Hemp Grower View Bio

    02:15 PM – 03:00 PM

    What It Takes to Make a Movement: A Conversation with Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris
    Champagne I/II

    Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris are legendary human rights activists, whose tireless work since the late 1980s has been instrumental in educating people around the world about the benefits of cannabis and hemp legalization—from Conrad’s numerous books, publications, and displays (including editing and designing “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”) and Norris’ authoring “Shattered Lives: Portraits from America’s Drug War” to their intricate involvement in campaigns such as Prop. 215, Prop. 64, and Measure Z; the formation of Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp and the Hemp Industries Association; Conrad’s serving as an expert witness on thousands of cases that have kept people out of prison for cannabis offenses; as well as the curation of Hash-Marijuana-Hemp Museum in Amsterdam and Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum in Oakland. 
    In this special Keynote Fireside Chat, Conrad and Norris will share the amazing stories and actionable strategies behind their 30-plus years of activism, which propelled lofty ideals and dreams into real-life solutions that have slowly eroded the mindsets and policies of unjust prohibition and incarceration for cannabis and hemp production and use. The pair will also share tips for how individuals and companies across the supply chain can work to expand the protections of their consumer base, as well as move toward a more sustainable industry for all.

    Cassie Tomaselli
    Moderator Cassie Tomaselli Programming Director Cannabis Business Times + Cannabis Conference View Bio
    Chris Conrad
    Speaker Chris Conrad Cannabis Strategist View Bio
    Mikki Norris
    Speaker Mikki Norris Advocate Cannabis Consumers Campaign View Bio

    03:10 PM – 04:20 PM

    What's Your Company Worth? How to Build a Business Valuation
    Cultivation Hemp Dispensary Extraction & Research
    Champagne I/II

    It’s important to be able to properly assess your business’ value in an ever-evolving marketplace, whether you’re trying to raise capital, merge with or be acquired by another company, or many other reasons. In this session, finance experts and operators will lead you step-by-step through the process of valuating your business. They’ll touch on physical assets, as well as the more nuanced aspects of valuation, including a company’s “special sauce"—which could be superior branding, fame, a resonating company story, product differentiation and exclusivity, and many other factors. Panelists will also identify key components that can make your business value go up or go down, and how valuation can fluctuate with time.

    Claudio  Miranda
    Moderator Claudio Miranda Co-Founder Guild Enterprises View Bio
    Douglas Hannah
    Speaker Douglas Hannah Partner Silverleaf Venture Partners View Bio
    Hubert Klein
    Speaker Hubert Klein Partner EisnerAmper LLP View Bio

    03:10 PM – 04:20 PM

    How Do You Select Quality Genetics? The Metrics That Really Matter
    Cultivation Hemp
    Champagne III/IV

    What makes for a high-quality cultivar can be very subjective, depending on who you ask. For example, growers have their own set of characteristics that are important to them, such as disease resistance, uniformity, input requirements, cannabinoid and terpene content, etc. Similarly, the post-harvest team may have their own important characteristics as they relate to trimming, drying, and curing. Lastly, and most importantly, consumers have their own set of tastes and preferences that drive these offerings, from look, to taste, to THC percentage.

    So, how do you evaluate the importance of each set of characteristics, and how do they all factor into your company’s genetic selection plans? Our expert panel of growers in both adult-use and medical markets will share their perspectives and help you conceptualize your own priorities for developing your genetic library in today’s cannabis industry.

    Zach Mentz
    Moderator Zach Mentz Senior Editor Cannabis Business Times and Cannabis Dispensary View Bio
    David Holmes
    Speaker David Holmes Founder/CEO Clade9 View Bio
    Ashley Hubbard
    Speaker Ashley Hubbard Director of Cultivation Rair Cannabis View Bio

    03:10 PM – 04:20 PM

    Protect Your Store - Does Your Business Truly Understand Security Risks, and How to Handle Them?
    Versailles I/II

    With the recent increase the industry has seen in dispensary armed robberies and break-ins, preparing yourself and your team for how to handle a security event before it happens can increase your chances of keeping your employees, your products and your cash safe.

    Top security consultants and directors will help your business answer the following questions, such as:

    • Is my staff prepared to prevent or respond to a security threat?;
    • What types of security are necessary at my dispensary (beyond what’s required by law)?;
    • What can we learn from dispensary robberies that have happened?; and
    • How do industries similar to cannabis employ best practices to ensure overall safety?
      Debby Goldsberry
      Moderator Debby Goldsberry Writer and Business Adviser Green Rush Consulting View Bio
      Michael Sampson
      Speaker Michael Sampson Partner Leech Tishman View Bio
      Kris Krane
      Speaker Kris Krane CEO and Principal Kranewreck Enterprises View Bio

      03:10 PM – 04:20 PM

      Sustaining Our Future - Evaluating Water Efficiency, Carbon Neutrality, Reduced Electricity Usage and More
      Cultivation Hemp
      Versailles III/IV

      Conserving natural resources is of the utmost importance in cannabis cultivation—not only to reduce harm to the environment, but to also save on capital costs. Serious energy and resource consumption evaluations are increasingly important as state laws regulating cannabis’ use of natural resources are also starting to emerge.

      In this session, we’ll focus on three major areas of resource reduction, including water, carbon, and electricity. Experts will weigh in on recent studies, as well as real-world successes and lessons learned as it relates to lessening and/or off-setting consumption in an extremely energy-intensive business. These will range from cultivation methods to materials recycling partnerships, carbon credits, and more.

      Ben Gelt
      Moderator / Speaker Ben Gelt Co-Founder Cannabis Certification Council View Bio
      Sam Milton
      Speaker Sam Milton Principal Owner Climate Resources Group View Bio
      Amanda Metzler
      Speaker Amanda Metzler Owner Bigsby Farms View Bio

      04:30 PM – 05:30 PM

      In the Black: Become Cash Positive by Avoiding These Expensive Cannabis Business Mistakes
      Cultivation Hemp Dispensary Extraction & Research
      Champagne I/II

      A common business lesson is that it’s more expensive to correct a mistake than not to make it in the first place. And the nascent cannabis industry has plenty of “been there, done that” stories to share in this regard. In this dynamic panel discussion, you’ll learn from experienced cannabis operators who will share ways that they’ve avoided (or learned from) costly missteps—from cultivation and operations to merchandising and marketing, to hiring and firing, retail sales strategies, product development and more.

      Colin Kelley
      Moderator / Speaker Colin Kelley Operating Partner Merida Capital Holdings View Bio
      Hope Wiseman
      Speaker Hope Wiseman Owner Mary & Main Dispensary View Bio
      Robert Groesbeck
      Speaker Robert Groesbeck Co-CEO Planet 13 Holdings View Bio
      Joe Hendrix
      Speaker Joe Hendrix Chief Financial Officer Resonant Cultivation View Bio

      04:30 PM – 05:30 PM

      Facility Design - Indoor
      Champagne III/IV

      Indoor cultivation provides growers with a major advantage: the ability to control nearly every aspect of cannabis cultivation—from temperature, to humidity, lighting, airflow, odor control and more. However, a poor indoor design could cause expensive bottlenecks in workflow and/or be severely detrimental to plant health.

      In this detail-rich session, experts share tips and pitfalls to avoid when designing indoor cannabis cultivation facilities, including:

      • Site selection;
      • Utility considerations and sustainability in design;
      • Personnel and resource efficiency;
      • Important equipment considerations and how to properly size equipment for your needs;
      • Designing for workflow efficiency and scalability;
      • Pest and disease prevention strategies;
      • and much more
      Tony Lange
      Moderator Tony Lange Associate Editor Cannabis Business Times, Cannabis Dispensary and Hemp Grower View Bio
      Autumn Karcey
      Speaker Autumn Karcey CEO Alchemy 29 View Bio
      Andy Poticha
      Speaker Andy Poticha Founder and CEO Cannabis Facility Construction View Bio
      Marlon Mallas
      Speaker Marlon Mallas General Manager, Cultivation Lume Cannabis Co. View Bio

      04:30 PM – 05:30 PM

      Marketing 101: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Cannabis Brand
      Cultivation Hemp Dispensary Extraction & Research
      Versailles I/II

      Everyone creates brands—but few companies are successful in creating brands that cultivate staying power with consumers. Many entrepreneurs, not just in the cannabis industry, but in all consumer segments, get excited about the idea of creating a brand, and jump straight to designing a logo. But that’s a big mistake, according to experts, especially as brand power becomes increasingly important in the uber-competitive, rapidly expanding cannabis industry.

      This session will help determine what your ideal customer should look like, how to build out the demographic, and conduct important research. Presenters will also outline how to determine your company’s points of parity and/or differentiation in the marketplace, what your brand stands for, and what types of emotions you want to evoke. Then, they’ll provide building-blocks for design and more traditional branding ideas. They will also dive into how to evaluate these concepts for both medical and adult-use markets (as these applications should be handled differently).

      Laurie Parfitt
      Speaker Laurie Parfitt Principal LKP Impact Consulting, LLC View Bio

      04:30 PM – 05:30 PM

      Innovative and Regenerative Growing Techniques
      Cultivation Hemp
      Versailles III/IV

      Learn about today’s alternative cultivation methods cannabis growers are employing in regions throughout North America to differentiate their operations competitively and help preserve the planet. Seasoned growers will share their expertise utilizing techniques such as dry farming, organic and biodynamic farming, cover cropping, low-till or no-till, Korean Natural Farming (KNF), and more. They’ll also arm you with best practices you can apply to your crops.

      Kevin Kuethe
      Moderator Kevin Kuethe VP of Cultivation Lume Cannabis Co. View Bio
      Mason Walker
      Speaker Mason Walker Co-Owner/CEO East Fork Cultivars View Bio
      Julia Jacobson
      Speaker Julia Jacobson CEO Aster Farms View Bio

      05:30 PM – 07:30 PM

      Welcome Reception in the Exhibit Hall
      Event Function
      Paris Ballroom
      Sponsored By

      05:30 PM – 07:30 PM

      Exhibit Hall Opens
      Exhibit Hall Event Function
      Paris Ballroom

      09:30 AM – 05:30 PM

      Registration Open
      Event Function
      Paris Ballroom Foyer

      10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

      Welcome Refreshments & Networking in the Exhibit Hall
      Event Function
      Paris Ballroom

      10:00 AM – 05:00 PM

      Exhibit Hall Open
      Exhibit Hall Event Function
      Paris Ballroom

      10:05 AM – 10:50 AM

      Best Practices in Water Use Efficiency and Recirculation for Precision Cultivation
      Technology & Solutions
      Versailles I/II
      Sponsored By

      Join Marcel Koole from Priva as he presents on why water recirculating systems and water-use efficiency in cannabis cultivation is essential. Advance your knowledge of irrigation recirculation infrastructure, best practices for water management, and how data-driven solutions can increase production efficiency while minimizing your water footprint.

      When recirculating irrigation water, you reuse expensive fertilizers and perhaps elements that you do not want to release into the environment. And in areas where good quality fresh water is a limited resource, reusing the water is good for the environment and good for the bottom line. Pressure from society, and from governments in the form of regulation to stimulate growers to start recirculating their water is partly based on reducing emissions but also considers the availability of fresh water. And getting all of the potential out of the water is a sustainable and smart way of growing.

      Key session take-a-ways:

      • Key components to ensure the safe re-use of return water
      • Precision fertigation and irrigation for healthier plants and maximum yield
      • Intelligent water management with the plant in control
      Marcel Koole
      Speaker Marcel Koole Senior Consultant Horticulture Systems Priva View Bio

      11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

      From Pioneering Founder to Foundational Investor: Mitch Baruchowitz Shares Crucial Strategies for Building a Successful and Long-Term Cannabis Company
      Champagne I/II

      Mitch Baruchowitz, the founder and managing partner of Merida Capital Holdings, has more than a decade of experience investing in cannabis and calibrating his team to the nuances of the emerging corporate ecosystem in this business. He knows how to navigate the delicate balance of short-term and long-term in the industry. He knows this because he’s founded plant-touching companies himself and has spent years empowering his team at Merida to zoom in and zoom out on the rapidly changing context of what it takes to build a successful cannabis business. In this candid keynote presentation, Mitch will share those team-building tenets, and he will share his passion for building companies that are structurally prepared for wherever the cannabis market goes next.

      In this session, you’ll come away with:

      • High-level macro trends in cannabis investment in 2022
      • How to conduct a “self-awareness check” that determines your company’s ultimate goal (and the steps to build a process to achieve it)
      • What it takes to create an internal culture of “happy warriors” who can address the industry’s constant challenges head-on with solid ethics and confidence—and why this is important
      • Reasons why information gathering at all levels of your business will give you a competitive edge
      • The role investment firms play in operations – and how to build a better working relationship
      Mitchell Baruchowitz
      Speaker Mitchell Baruchowitz Founder and Managing Partner Merida Capital Holdings View Bio

      12:00 PM – 01:30 PM

      Networking Lunch in the Exhibit Hall
      Event Function
      Paris Ballroom

      12:00 PM – 12:45 PM

      Risk Management and Its Vital Role in Cannabis Growth and Sustainability
      Technology & Solutions
      Versailles III/IV
      Sponsored By
      National Cannabis Risk Prevention Services (NCRPS) part of the NCRMA family of companies, will present its innovative and disruptive risk management platform. This technological advancement combines a business framework SaaS Risk assessment tool (Cannabis Risk Prevention Platform -CRP2) with custom corrective action syllabi and live risk manager support. Risk scoring of the many areas of the business framework provide a tangible and measurable report card that is effective in securing rampant business improvement as well as vital financial services such as insurance, banking and capital investment.
      Rocco Petrilli
      Speaker Rocco Petrilli President National Cannabis Risk Management Association View Bio

      01:30 PM – 02:20 PM

      Federal Cannabis Legalization in the United States: What Will It Mean?
      Cultivation Hemp Dispensary Extraction & Research
      Champagne I/II

      The Biden Administration has not yet prioritized the federal legalization of cannabis. And with legislative efforts mostly falling short of any substantive relief for today’s state-legal cannabis businesses, operators continue to be burdened with stringent tax and banking restrictions, lack of governmental support and resources, and prohibition of interstate or global commerce.

      In this session, experts with an intricate understanding of federal regulatory and financial structures will provide valuable insights into:

      • An overview of the temperature and recent efforts from the White House and Congress;
      • The relief that could come for cannabis operators in a federally legal market;
      • The potential market slowdowns under federal regulations;
      • How federal oversight (including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) would impact compliance and related costs;
      • How plant-touching businesses can influence decision-making in D.C.; and
      • How legalization could dynamically shift the competitive landscape and what that shift would mean for your business.
      Marc Hauser
      Moderator / Speaker Marc Hauser President Hauser Advisory View Bio
      Jarrod Loadholt
      Speaker Jarrod Loadholt Partner Ice Miller’s Public Affairs Group View Bio
      Toi Hutchinson
      Speaker Toi Hutchinson President & CEO Marijuana Policy Project View Bio
      Rezwan Khan
      Speaker Rezwan Khan President DNA Genetics View Bio

      01:30 PM – 02:20 PM

      How to Use Today's Marketing Trends to Boost Your Bottom Line
      Cultivation Hemp Dispensary Extraction & Research
      Champagne III/IV

      Cannabis cultivation, extraction and dispensary operations are getting savvier when it comes to taking advantage of marketing trends. Ideas such as product drops, mood marketing, experiential marketing, celebrity and influencer partnerships, as well as a focus on cannabis culture are coming to the forefront as brands look to establish themselves and engage and build loyal consumers in an ever-competitive marketplace.

      In this session, you will hear from plant-touching operators who are having success with these and other marketing trends. They will provide lessons learned, share regulatory considerations, and explain how to evaluate the success of any marketing campaign to help decide whether to bolster or pivot your efforts.

      Angela Pih
      Moderator / Speaker Angela Pih Award-Winning Marketer and Brand Accelerator View Bio
      Jesce Horton
      Speaker Jesce Horton Founder LOWD View Bio
      Jonathan Spadafora
      Speaker Jonathan Spadafora President Veritas Fine Cannabis View Bio
      Ashley Fields
      Speaker Ashley Fields VP of Marketing and Communications Cann View Bio

      01:30 PM – 02:20 PM

      Facility Design - Greenhouse
      Cultivation Hemp
      Versailles I/II

      Building (or retrofitting) a greenhouse structure for cultivation provides tighter environmental control than an outdoor operation, but also maximizes the use of natural resources, like sunlight. Learn from seasoned cannabis greenhouse operators the intricacies of building a structure that is highly efficient yet keeps production costs low.

      In this session, you’ll take away tips on:

      • Climate location factors;
      • Materials selection (e.g., glass, polycarbonate, aluminum, galvanized steel, etc.);
      • Designing for tight environmental controls and workflow efficiency;
      • Automated equipment and technologies to consider (e.g., HVAC, odor control, supplemental lighting);
      • and much more.
      Dr. Nadia Sabeh
      Moderator Dr. Nadia Sabeh President & Founder Dr. Greenhouse Inc. View Bio
      Allen Hackett
      Speaker Allen Hackett Co-Founder MD Numbers, Inc. View Bio
      Salpy Boyajian
      Speaker Salpy Boyajian Executive VP/Board Chairman Flower One View Bio
      Ivan Van Wingerden
      Speaker Ivan Van Wingerden Vice President of Cultivation Pacific Stone View Bio

      01:30 PM – 02:20 PM

      Retail Facility Design & Buildout for Optimal User Experience & Aesthetic
      Versailles III/IV

      Your dispensary’s design is often your company’s first impression, and therefore it must be impressive. Not only is it important to attract patients and customers to your store, but it can evoke emotions, engage and direct shoppers through product options, facilitate expedited customer service and even increase sales.

      In this session, dispensary owners and design experts will share important insights and strategies in any retail buildout, such as:

      • Keys to budgeting and setting timelines;
      • Critical elements to store layout and design aesthetic/branding;
      • Merchandising-planning musts;
      • Security and surveillance that is effective but not intimidating;
      • Hiring the right contractors;
      • and much more.
        Sumer Thomas, J.D.
        Moderator Sumer Thomas, J.D. Director of Regulatory Operations Canna Advisors View Bio
        Virginia Maggiore
        Speaker Virginia Maggiore Principal RDC View Bio
        Wendy Bronfein
        Speaker Wendy Bronfein Chief Brand Officer and Director of Public Policy Curio Wellness View Bio
        Amanda Ruge
        Speaker Amanda Ruge Co-Founder Flowspace Design, LLC View Bio

        02:30 PM – 03:20 PM

        How to Become a National Cannabis Business
        Cultivation Dispensary Extraction & Research
        Champagne I/II

        There are essentially two routes to multi-state expansion in the legal cannabis industry: acquiring a license for a plant-touching business, or licensing your products/intellectual property (IP) to companies already established in legal markets. In this session, experts will weigh in with the pros and cons of both paths to market, from understanding business structure and cost to operations requirements, partnership considerations, regulatory compliance and more. They will also share their tips for successfully navigation both paths, as well as predictions for how cannabis branding strategies will evolve under federal legalization.

        Laurie Parfitt
        Moderator Laurie Parfitt Principal LKP Impact Consulting, LLC View Bio
        Kate Miller
        Speaker Kate Miller Co-Founder + CEO Miss Grass View Bio
        Talley Wettlaufer
        Speaker Talley Wettlaufer Former Senior VP, Retail at Curaleaf View Bio
        Michael Mills
        Speaker Michael Mills CEO Body and Mind View Bio

        02:30 PM – 03:20 PM

        Is Your Budget Leading Your Business to Profitability?
        Cultivation Hemp Dispensary Extraction & Research
        Champagne III/IV

        “Businesses that fail to budget ultimately fail themselves,” wrote Merida Capital Operating Partner and Cannabis Conference Advisory Board Member Colin Kelley in an article for Cannabis Dispensary.

        Your pro forma budget serves as a roadmap to your cannabis or hemp business’s success, so it is critical to understand the fundamentals of creating a budget, as well as understand how business budgets ebb and flow as your customer base, sales, staff, and overall business grow over time.

        In this session, we’ll detail how to create a budget that yields financial success—from capital and operating expenditures to commonly overlooked expenses—as well as the unique nuances of the cannabis industry. You’ll also learn about the importance of setting minimum profit margins and bottlenecks, and hurdles to profitability.

        Naomi Granger, CPA, MBA
        Speaker Naomi Granger, CPA, MBA Founder National Association of Cannabis Accounting and Tax Professionals View Bio

        02:30 PM – 03:20 PM

        How HpLVd is Affecting the Future of Cannabis Plant Health (and Ways to Control It)
        Cultivation Hemp
        Versailles I/II

        Cannabis growers go to extreme measures to ensure their crops are healthy, but one plant pathogen associated with stunting and low-trichome production has become increasingly prevalent in the industry: hop latent viroid (HpLVd). Last year, 90% of California facilities researched tested positive for HpLVd with 200,000 tissue samples analyzed, according to the team at Dark Heart Nursery.

        In this session, Mojave Richmond of BioAgronomics Group Consultants will make a special introduction about HpLVd and the impact it has had on cultivators and the industry.

        Then, Dr. Sadanand Dhekney of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore will provide a behind-the-scenes look at his current research—conducted as part of a two-year funded Maryland Industrial Partnerships Program—on identifying and preventing HpLVd in cannabis plants. He will share insights into the science, background and technology being used for virus detection, elimination and mass propagation of plants for clean plant production through tissue culture.

        Mojave Richmond
        Speaker Mojave Richmond Founding Member BioAgronomics Group Consultants View Bio
        Sadanand Dhekney
        Speaker Sadanand Dhekney Assoc. Prof. of Plant Breeding and Biotechnology University of Maryland Eastern Shore View Bio

        02:30 PM – 03:20 PM

        Using Data to Boost Sales & Improve Inventory Management
        Versailles III/IV

        Data can tell retail cannabis companies a great deal about patient and consumer preferences, as well as help you project trends to better serve the market. But reviewing data without the proper analysis can be time-consuming, cumbersome, and sometimes even misleading. Here, data and operations experts will help you sort through the numbers that can take product development and inventory management to the next level.

        Learn how to:

        • Understand the types of data that are most important for your business;
        • How to properly analyze data, and what technologies to utilize, so that your data doesn’t become a wasted asset;
        • Better balance supply and demand; and
        • Boost sales through integration with marketing techniques.
        Michelle Simakis
        Moderator Michelle Simakis Editor-in-Chief Cannabis Business Times/Cannabis Dispensary View Bio
        Jesse Channon
        Speaker Jesse Channon Chief Growth Officer Columbia Care View Bio
        Nick Jack
        Speaker Nick Jack COO Diego Pellicer-Colorado View Bio
        Narith Panh
        Speaker Narith Panh Chief Operating Officer Dragonfly Wellness View Bio

        03:30 PM – 04:15 PM

        Turning Talk Into Action: How Cannabis Companies Can Develop Meaningful and Actionable Social Equity Priorities
        Cultivation Hemp Dispensary Extraction & Research
        Champagne I/II

        In what ways can businesses step up to use their own platforms and build partnerships to create equity in the cannabis industry? This powerhouse panel will share programs that their cultivation, dispensary and hemp businesses are implementing right now—from free expungement clinics to franchise opportunities to education workshops, hiring strategies, internal resource groups, political activism, and more, that work to create space for minority communities disproportionally impacted by the war on drugs.

        In this session, you’ll take away insights and strategies to help you examine your own social equity priorities and develop meaningful, short-term and long-term initiatives.

        Amber Littlejohn
        Moderator / Speaker Amber Littlejohn Former Executive Director Minority Cannabis Business Association View Bio
        Chima Enyia
        Speaker Chima Enyia Executive Vice President, SEED Cresco Labs View Bio
        Anna Shreeve
        Speaker Anna Shreeve President Urban Paragon, Inc. View Bio
        Cynthia Villamizar
        Speaker Cynthia Villamizar Member Cookies Social Impact View Bio

        03:30 PM – 04:15 PM

        Is Tissue Culture the Right Move For Your Operation?
        Cultivation Hemp
        Champagne III/IV

        By utilizing decades-old tissue culture propagation methods, growers can reproduce and preserve genetically identical clones on a significant scale with less space required by mother and cloning rooms. As the technology and infrastructure to support tissue culture in the cannabis industry has strengthened, so has its popularity with today’s cultivators and breeders.

        In this session, experts will explore the benefits of tissue culture and help you determine whether a tissue culture lab could be a fit for your own organization, with considerations such as:

        • Genetic advantages in plant health and storage;
        • Lab build-out requirements and timelines;
        • Cost analyses of build-out and operation;
        • Supplies and equipment needed;
        • Sanitation and labor workflow SOPs;
        • Variables affecting shoot growth and tissue health;
        • and more.
        Mojave Richmond
        Moderator Mojave Richmond Founding Member BioAgronomics Group Consultants View Bio
        Lauren Ferguson
        Speaker Lauren Ferguson Laboratory Manager Lume Cannabis Co View Bio

        03:30 PM – 04:15 PM

        Quick-Fire Tips Session: Techniques for Optimizing Your Extraction Process
        Extraction & Research
        Versailles I/II

        In this session, you will learn how to hone your extraction processes, improve the quality of your output, and make the most of your investment.

        Experts will walk you through crucial steps such as how to increase extraction throughput and efficiencies, minimizing unwanted materials (lipids, waxes), maintaining equipment, pesticide screening and best practices when it comes to safety.

        Cassie Tomaselli
        Moderator Cassie Tomaselli Programming Director Cannabis Business Times + Cannabis Conference View Bio
        Ashley Hoffman
        Speaker Ashley Hoffman Extraction Specialist View Bio
        Crystal Hoffman
        Speaker Crystal Hoffman Former Regional Director of Operations Slang Worldwide View Bio

        03:30 PM – 04:15 PM

        Expand Your Medical Dispensary to Adult-Use
        Versailles III/IV

        Bringing your business to a recreational market is a substantial route to company growth. However, many factors are at play that can hinder or ensure success with such a major business change. Get ready to pivot your dispensary to serve recreational consumers with these considerations from experts who’ve already made the leap (and learned the hard lessons along the way).

        In this session, you’ll learn about:

        • Regulatory and compliance considerations for adult-use markets;
        • How to ensure you continue to serve your patients while expanding your customer base;
        • Inventory management for maximizing sales to patients and consumers;
        • Logistical essentials, such as parking, in-store traffic flow, staffing needs and added security needs;
        • Marketing to adult-use consumers;
        • and much more.
        Leah Heise, Esq.
        Moderator Leah Heise, Esq. Senior Advisor Kearney View Bio
        Duke Rodriguez
        Speaker Duke Rodriguez CEO & President Ultra Health View Bio
        Sequoah Turner
        Speaker Sequoah Turner Director of Retail The Source+ View Bio

        04:00 PM – 05:30 PM

        Networking Reception in the Exhibit Hall
        Event Function
        Paris Ballroom

        04:15 PM – 05:00 PM

        Don’t Blow It: Federal Tax Strategies for New and Established Operators
        Technology & Solutions
        Versailles I/II
        Sponsored By

        Plant-touching cannabis operators must adhere to Section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code, which prohibits a business trafficking a controlled substance from deducting typical business expenses when filing yearly federal taxes. This presents a number of accounting challenges for cultivation, dispensary and extraction professionals, and mistakes can lead to significant legal and financial consequences.

        In this session, experts from Jones Tax Group will explore:

        • The inherent risk and additional burden of a cash businesses;
        • How misunderstanding IRC 280E can break cannabis businesses;
        • Why using the correct inventory method is critical; and
        • Why having proper accounting, controls and record-keeping is the key to success.
        Dr. Gena Jones
        Speaker Dr. Gena Jones CEO & Founder CannaBoss CFO View Bio

        10:00 AM – 03:00 PM

        Registration Open
        Event Function
        Paris Ballroom Foyer

        10:30 AM – 11:25 AM

        Welcome Refreshments & Networking in the Exhibit Hall
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        Paris Ballroom

        10:30 AM – 02:00 PM

        Exhibit Hall Opens
        Exhibit Hall Event Function
        Paris Ballroom

        10:30 AM – 11:15 AM

        Vertical Farming | What to know before you grow up!
        Technology & Solutions
        Champagne III/IV
        Sponsored By
        How do you set up a multi-tier indoor cultivation facility for success? In this session, experts from Pipp Horticulture will outline the important considerations behind space planning and design, as well as: environmental control needs, key traits to consider for genetics selection, and how to improve workflow, ergonomics and safety with accessibility and labor optimization.
        Michael Williamson
        Speaker Michael Williamson Director of Cultivation Pipp Horticulture View Bio
        James Cunningham
        Speaker James Cunningham Co-Founder & Director of Cultivation Vertical Air Solutions View Bio
        Del Rockwell
        Speaker Del Rockwell Product Manager Pipp Horticulture View Bio

        11:25 AM – 12:15 PM

        Spotlight Session: Buds 'n Suds—A Fireside Chat With Paul Weaver, Director, Head of Cannabis, Boston Beer Co.
        Cultivation Hemp Dispensary Extraction & Research
        Champagne I/II

        Lots of overlap exists between the worlds of hops and cannabis, particularly when the two are combined. Weaver knows this all too well from his experience at Boston Beer Co. (the maker of famous craft beer brands Samuel Adams Boston Lager and Dogfish Head), as he launched the company’s first cannabis brand, TeaPot, and THC-infused beverage, Good Day Iced Tea, into the Canadian market.

        In this special fireside chat, Weaver, former director of innovation at Canopy Growth Corp., will talk about lessons he’s learned from the cannabis industry. He’ll also share insights into what Boston Beer Co. has learned from its past product innovations, its foray into cannabis, and how steadfast dedication to producing top-quality product has helped the company make critical decisions when it comes to its beer and its cannabis-infused beverages. 

        Eric Sandy
        Moderator Eric Sandy Digital Editor Cannabis Business Times/Cannabis Dispensary View Bio
        Paul Weaver
        Speaker Paul Weaver Director, Head of Cannabis Boston Beer Co. View Bio

        11:25 AM – 12:15 PM

        Creating a Thriving Crop Environment: Lessons in Relative Humidity, Vapor Pressure Deficit, CO2, Heat Loads and More
        Cultivation Hemp
        Champagne III/IV

        Whether you're growing indoors or in a greenhouse, the environment is critical to a successful harvest. If your facility’s environmental controls are off, your crop could not only be at risk for pests and diseases, but you could also be risking lower yields—all of which can significantly affect your cultivation business' bottom line.

        In this session, controlled-environment experts will share strategies for achieving the ideal relative humidity (RH), vapor pressure deficit (VPD), CO2 supplementation, HVAC requirements and more—as well as how to aggregate and analyze valuable data points from these controls to make proper adjustment decisions.

        Dr. Nadia Sabeh
        Speaker Dr. Nadia Sabeh President & Founder Dr. Greenhouse Inc. View Bio

        11:25 AM – 12:15 PM

        Solventless at Scale (And the SOPs You Need to Make It Happen)
        Extraction & Research
        Versailles I/II

        Solventless is often thought of as one of the purest forms of extract production; however, it can be a tedious, expensive, and labor-heavy process compared to other, more popular processes on the market. When it comes to solventless production, the key is in your forward-thinking build-out and planning of standard operating procedures (SOPs). Some of the biggest names in solventless cannabis production will share their insights into how they’ve increased the value of their product offerings (such as rosin, kief, hash, and more) by building robust solventless programs.

        Cassie Tomaselli
        Moderator Cassie Tomaselli Programming Director Cannabis Business Times + Cannabis Conference View Bio
        Guy Rocourt
        Speaker Guy Rocourt Co-Founder, President and Chief Product Officer Papa & Barkley View Bio
        Aaron Nino
        Speaker Aaron Nino Chief Operating Officer The Source+ and CAMP View Bio

        12:15 PM – 02:00 PM

        Networking Lunch in the Exhibit Hall
        Event Function
        Paris Ballroom

        12:15 PM – 01:00 PM

        Choosing the Right Supplier
        Technology & Solutions
        Champagne I/II
        Sponsored By

        In this session, join Ben Britton and Mike Maibach from Agrify who have experience designing, building and operating state-of-the-art extraction facilities. They’ll explore the trends in extracts and concentrates and let you know what consumers want today. They’ll also explain which equipment is needed to create today’s top-tier formulated products and outline what to look for when choosing a supplier.

        In this session, attendees will:

        • Examine the current market trends for extracts and concentrates and which products appeal to which consumer demographics
        • Understand the technical equipment required for extracts and concentrates, as well as the economic considerations for choosing equipment such as time, quality and output
        • Analyze how to choose the right supply partner who understands your full end-to-end process
        Ben Britton
        Speaker Ben Britton VP of Innovation Agrify View Bio
        Mike Maibach
        Speaker Mike Maibach VP of Product Management Agrify View Bio

        01:00 PM – 01:45 PM

        Flower Power: Spectral Factors To Consider When Optimizing Lighting For Flower Production
        Technology & Solutions
        Champagne III/IV
        Sponsored By
        What does it take, from a lighting perspective, to create optimized conditions for cannabis flowering? Fluence research project manager Brian Poel will unpack Fluence’s cannabis lighting research and provide insights into choosing the right lighting spectrum to increase production at high light intensity levels. This session will also delve into other considerations, including yield, potency, spectrum efficacy and photobleaching, to help cultivators understand the lighting conditions that will maximize their production goals.
        Brian Poel
        Speaker Brian Poel Research Project Manager Fluence View Bio

        02:00 PM – 03:00 PM

        Merger & Acquisition Lessons from Large and Small Operators
        Cultivation Hemp Dispensary Extraction & Research
        Champagne I/II

        M&A activity continues to ebb and flow in the cannabis industry. Acquiring another company can be a viable way to expand into new markets, diversify or vertically integrate your business and/or expand your product offerings. Being acquired or merging with another company can also give you access to much-needed capital and resources. But there are many essential considerations to weigh to ensure a successful deal and transition for both companies and their teams.

        In this can’t-miss session, you’ll learn about:

        • How to find and evaluate potential partners—from a strategic perspective to cultural synergies and beyond;
        • What deal options exist (e.g., cash, equity/stock and payable notes) and their pros and cons;
        • Lessons learned from successful deals and those that fell through; and
        • Seamless financial and operational transitions through the merger or acquisition closing process.
          Kevin Slaughter
          Moderator / Speaker Kevin Slaughter M&A and Cannabis Partner Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC View Bio
          Aaron Miles
          Speaker Aaron Miles Chief Investment Officer Verano Holdings View Bio
          Jamie Mendola
          Speaker Jamie Mendola Head of Strategy and M&A Ayr Wellness View Bio

          02:00 PM – 03:00 PM

          Master the Art of Drying & Curing Cannabis
          Cultivation Hemp
          Champagne III/IV

          The post-harvest process is one of the most important in cultivation, and many seasoned cultivators even call it an art form. Whether you’re a small-batch producer or a larger commercial grower, it’s critical to fine-tune your process to protect your cannabis moisture levels and terpene and cannabinoid expressions to come away with a desirable and compliant product.

          In this session, you’ll take away valuable insights to help you:

          • Properly build-out your space for drying and curing;
          • Understand the drying and curing methods today’s operators are using to achieve their product goals;
          • Establish climate-controlled temperature, humidity, and airflow set points to avoid over- and under-drying your cannabis flower; and
          • Develop a plan for continual fine-tuning and improvement to your post-harvest process.
          Dr. Allison  Justice
          Speaker Dr. Allison Justice Founder and CEO The Hemp Mine View Bio

          02:00 PM – 03:00 PM

          Quick-Fire Tips Session: Make the Most of Your Merchandising
          Versailles I/II

          Come prepared to take down dozens of merchandising takeaways from retail and cannabis industry experts in this quick-fire tips session.

          Experts will help you build a well-thought-out merchandising strategy to boost sales by outlining:

          • How to set up your dispensary for ideal traffic flow and directing consumers’ attention;
          • Strategies for running specials;
          • How to pull levers on increasing sales (overall gross and increasing units per transaction);
          • Positioning products in the store; and
          • How to optimize sales for lower-selling product categories.
            Krista Raymer
            Moderator / Speaker Krista Raymer Founder Vetrina Group View Bio
            Lilach Mazor Power
            Speaker Lilach Mazor Power Founder and CEO Giving Tree Dispensary View Bio
            Chris Lane
            Speaker Chris Lane Chief Marketing Officer Airfield Supply Company View Bio

            03:00 PM

            Event Concludes
            Event Function