Dr. Allison Justice

Dr. Allison Justice

Founder and CEO, The Hemp Mine

Meet Dr. Allison Justice, an alumnus of Clemson University where she garnered a Ph.D. in Plant and Environmental Science, and now a pioneering figure in the dynamic field of cannabis cultivation and research. With a groundbreaking tenure as VP of Cultivation for a leading vertically integrated cannabis producer based in San Diego, CA, she navigated uncharted territories and led the industry with profound photobiology research. Dr. Justice shattered misconceptions around sole-source LEDs, demonstrating their superiority over traditional technologies in cannabis cultivation. This innovative research catalyzed a two-fold expansion of total canopy area and facilitated a staggering 60% reduction in energy costs.

Today, she is the proud Founder and CEO of The Hemp Mine, a 20-acre innovative hemp farm, breeding company, and hemp product manufacturer. Offering a diverse range of products—from smoke-able flower to tinctures of varied concentrations for humans and animals—The Hemp Mine has made its mark in over 1,500 retail stores across the southeastern USA.

Dr. Justice has not only been recognized by esteemed organizations like the California Industrial Hemp Advisory Board and SC Farm Bureau for her contributions but has also received several accolades, including being named one of the top "40 Under 40 in Cannabis" by Marijuana Venture Magazine, and one of Dope Magazine’s Four Dope Women. Moreover, City Beat celebrated her as one of “San Diego’s Most Important People”. With her unwavering dedication to research and education, she is reshaping the standards of cannabis and hemp cultivation across all significant production systems, bringing an in-depth understanding of efficient cultivation & extraction practices to the forefront.

Recently, Dr. Justice blazed another trail by founding the Cannabis Research Coalition. This endeavor, a strategic partnership between Clemson University and The Hemp Mine, unites industry leaders, scientists, and stakeholders committed to addressing the cultivation and postharvest issues that the cannabis industry faces today. The Coalition's mission is to advance the exploration of the cannabis plant and facilitate science-based research that paves the way for a sustainable, efficient, and profitable industry.

In the world of cannabis and hemp cultivation, Dr. Allison Justice is more than a scientist—she's a visionary, a trailblazer, and an embodiment of relentless dedication. Through her revolutionary efforts, she continues to inspire and shape the future of the cannabis industry.