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Alphonso (Tucky) Blunt Jr.

Alphonso (Tucky) Blunt Jr.

CEO/Owner, Blunts + Moore

Alphonso (Tucky) Blunt Jr. is owner/CEO of Blunts + Moore dispensary and owner of Proud Papas Clothing/Auto Detail. A child of Yahweh, husband, father, hard worker, hustla, Tucky is a true testament to walking your path. He is a fifth-generation Oakland native and opened the first cannabis retail shop under Oakland’s Cannabis Social Equity Program.


While growing up in Oakland, California during the war on drugs era, he managed to stay out of trouble and maintain a 4.0 GPA and a full-time job while in high school. He was also using and selling cannabis. Cannabis sales to him was another form of employment. In 1999 while on an errand with his grandmother, she had him go to a dispensary. From that day forward, his mission was to own one for himself so he could sell cannabis legally. He worked at and was a vendor for multiple Bay Area dispensaries from 1999 to 2004. In 2003 he attempted to become an owner of a dispensary, and was told Blacks would never own in this business. In 2005 he was arrested for possession with the intent to sell and given 10 years of felony probation. Still determined to learn more on the legal side, he attended and graduated from Oaksterdam University in 2008.


Now as the owner of Blunts + Moore, he is finally continuing on that path of ownership. His goals and values are still spiritual and family driven. He is looking to change the face of the cannabis industry, one location at a time. Blunts + Moore opened its doors Nov. 24, 2018, to a huge crowd, great food, and lifted spirits.