Speaker Bio

Amy Andrle

Amy Andrle

Co-Owner, L’Eagle Services

Amy Andrle is one half of L’Eagle Services, a sustainable recreational dispensary and Clean Green certified cultivation facility located in Denver, Colo. With the efforts of her husband John, Andrle turned L’Eagle Services into a cannabis industry leader by championing organic cultivation methods, responsible integrated pest management, sustainable business practices, and strict industry compliance. Launched in 2010, L’Eagle positioned itself as a premier establishment that prides itself on offering the cleanest product while also taking the time to invest in consumer cannabis education. L'Eagle has received numerous cultivation awards and dispensary accolades. 

Along with being a mother and running day-to-day operations for L’Eagle, Andrle contributes her time serving on city advisory groups, the Marijuana Industry Group, Denver Country Cultural Council and as a founding board member with the Cannabis Certification Council.


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