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Brad Speidell

Brad Speidell

Chief Dispensing Officer, The Green Solution (TGS) Colorado

Speidell boasts eight years of industry experience and is adept at cannabis product management—maximizing profit margins while respecting compliance. Speidell leverages enterprise analysis skills to create quality products and coordinate cannabis sales and marketing standards. Speidell advises The Green Solution National (TGSN) on product developments, market analysis and high-level sales strategy. As chief dispensing officer of The Green Solution (TGS) Colorado, Speidell has overseen product development and high-level sales strategy, contributing to TGS Colorado’s expansion into 15 locations and a portfolio containing hundreds of successful products, while also advising TGSN in these specialties. Speidell works to ensure TGS stores stay ahead of the competition while maintaining strict compliance and best practice procedures.


Foolproof SOPs and Employee Handbooks

April 2 @ 1:30 PM

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