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Chris Conrad

Chris Conrad

Cannabis Strategist, ChrisConrad.com

The legalization movement of the 1970s had all but ground to a halt by 1988, when Chris Conrad formulated a winning strategy: Revive the hemp industry, rebrand cannabis as a medical and personal right – and transform the underground market into a legal enterprise. As architect of the multi-pronged Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp strategy, he has worked tirelessly for over three decades. A distinguished and internationally respected publisher, speaker, museum curator and consultant on all-things-cannabis, Conrad has testified as an expert witness more than 350 times in state, military and federal criminal and civil courts while working on thousands of legal cases.

Conrad was already a publisher, artist, environmentalist and community organizer when he simultaneously launched BACH, the Family Council on Drug Awareness and American Hemp Council. He has since published uncounted educational and organizing materials, portrayed “Johnny Marijuanaseed” on PBS and changed the world. He designed and edited Jack Herer’s landmark book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes (1990) and was cofounder and first president of the Hemp Industries Association. Conrad authored Hemp: Lifeline to the Future (1993) detailing the economic, health and environmental processes of using cannabis hemp to “save the Earth.” Hemp for Health (1997), translated into six languages, introduced readers to CBD, Ayurvedic ganja, hempseed nutrition and cannabinoid micro-dosing. Cannabis Yields and Dosage used federal research to explain the fundamentals of marijuana cultivation, processing and use. Conrad published Oaksterdam News and the West Coast Leaf newspapers and edited HempWorld magazine. His latest book is The Newbie’s Guide to Cannabis and the Industry.

His wife, Mikki Norris, and he are known as the “Power Couple of Pot,” a social and political force for cannabis reform. They were volunteer coordinators for California’s 1996 Prop 215 voter initiative that legalized medical use. He helped draft that state’s SB-420 legislation that legalized patient sales, and the couple worked on the unsuccessful Prop 19 and later Prop 64, which legalized marijuana in 2016. They founded Human Rights and the Drug War with Virginia Resner, co-authored Shattered Lives: Portraits from America’s Drug War and exposed the human cost of prohibition through photo exhibits and visual presentations. Curators of Amsterdam’s Hash-Marihuana-Hemp Museum and the Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum, they teach at Oaksterdam University and run theLeafOnline.com news site.

Conrad regularly consults with cannabis consumers, patients, physicians, caregivers and providers, businesses, attorneys and legislators. He has given MCLE and MCME programs, numerous presentations at colleges and inspirational talks at Seattle Hempfest, expos, events and conferences across the USA, in Argentina, Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, Holland, Mexico, Spain and Uruguay. Conrad and Norris have been featured in media interviews, museum exhibits, and profiled on Cannabis News Network. Among other honors, they have received awards from the Hemp Industries Association, Drug Policy Alliance, the Cannies, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Hempfest and the Emerald Cup. They are now engaged in  Cantheism, the non-sectarian sacramental use of cannabis, through Cannamaste ceremonies. You can contact him at case@chrisconrad.com or via ChrisConrad.com