Speaker Bio

David Haley

David Haley

President/CEO, Ancient Roots

David Haley brings over twenty years of combined experience in operational management and entrepreneurial expertise to his role as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ancient Roots. Prior to Ancient Roots, David owned and operated an orthopedic medical device company, working diligently and intimately with surgeons to ensure the best possible outcome for patients.

Orthopedic device sales came easily for the former professional sports athletic trainer. As a graduate of The Ohio State University Athletic Training program, David had an extensive background in orthopedics prior to transitioning into orthopedic device sales. David Haley built a reputation as a highly dependable and knowledgeable consultant in the orthopedic community.

As CEO and Founder of Ancient Roots, David brings his high-level of professionalism and compassion into every aspect of the business, from research and development to sales. David keeps patient welfare and employee success at the forefront of the business. Since Ancient Roots’ inception in 2018, he has positioned the company to be a highly compliant and respected company in the Ohio medical marijuana program. David has directed the company to be cash flow positive within the first year of operation and has created sustainable partnerships with over 35 dispensaries in the Ohio medical marijuana market.