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Ian Davidson

Ian Davidson

Chief Marketing Officer, Segra International

Ian Davidson has dedicated his entire professional career to implementing sustainable agricultural production, marketing, and distribution systems. He currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Vancouver-based Segra International, the global leader in cannabis plant tissue culture. Davidson’s work in the cannabis industry spans more than 15-years including founding the organic farm supply company BioLogic Crop Solutions LLC in 2007 with retail locations in both California and Oregon. In 2015 Ian founded the agricultural consulting company Davidson Organics where he has developed over 600,000 square feet of certified organic compliant greenhouse cannabis production in California. From 2012-2015 Ian served as the Agronomy Manager for Biological Capital LLC, located on the Hawaiian island of Maui, where he managed agricultural operations at the historic 4000 acre Hana Ranch and OW Farm (Oprah Winfrey.)


Quick-Fire Tips Session: Growing From Tissue Culture, Clones and Seeds

April 2 @ 4:40 PM

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