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James Loud

James Loud

Co-Founder/Creator , Loud Seeds

James Loud is the co-founder and creator of Loud Seeds, a High Times Hall of Fame international cannabis seed company, an award winning chef and author of the book “Breeding Cannabis.” He was born in Portland, Ore. and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, and has more than 20 years of experience working with cannabis. Loud started Loud Seeds in Northern California, creating several boutique genetics made from elite cultivars. He has been featured in several magazine articles and covers. Loud is a published author, has spoken about breeding on several podcasts and grow panels at events. His focus in life has always been on quality and flavor. Being raised in the Bay Area and exposed to the Grateful Dead and local growers in his early years, he learned to appreciate and experience a wide variety of rare, classic genetics. He has relationships with the industry’s elite, and believes the world is better place with cannabis accessible to everyone. Loud’s mantra is, “Passion for the sacred plant.” In his spare time, Loud trains jiu jitsu and judo, volunteers as a chef and donates his time to helping out local charities and shelters. Though several non-profit charities he has helped raise more $500,000 to date.


Cannabis Breeding: Methods, Ethics and Desired Outcomes

April 3 @ 11:55 AM

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