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Jeremy Sackett

Jeremy Sackett

Founder & Chief Science Officer, Cascadia Labs

Jeremy Sackett has leveraged a dynamic skill set, developed in the contract research/manufacturing sector of the pharmaceutical industry, to lead Cascadia Labs’ growth over the last five years. Cascadia Labs now operates a multi-facility laboratory network providing industry-leading analytical testing and research services in the regulated Oregon and California cannabis industries. With an innovative, quality-driven, and science-based approach to cannabis and plant-derived medicine, Sackett dedicates his professional efforts to a personal mission of finding solutions for improved well-being for all communities. As a member of multiple rules advisory and technical standardization committees, at the state and national level, Sackett advises on: supply chain traceability, sampling design, product formulations, quality control specifications, analytical testing and packaging/labeling requirements.


Science That Sells: Debunking the Sativa and Indica Myths and Instead Focusing on Terpenoids, Cannabinoids and Flavonoids  

April 2 @ 4:40 PM

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