Jerry Millen

Jerry Millen

CEO, Greenhouse of Walled Lake

Jerry Millen is a lifelong Michigan resident who grew up in the Detroit area. While attending high school, Jerry decided to follow his dream of a broadcasting career, and, after stints in radio, including 89X and 96.3FM, he decided to take his talents to TV.

Jerry was the sports director for UPN 50 and CBS 62 in the early 2000s. After leaving Detroit, Jerry held on-air positions with the E! Network in LA and then was a host on the Warner Bros. show “Extra.” After spending 10 years working in Tokyo, Japan, Jerry decided it was time to come back to Michigan and raise a family.

Jerry found that cannabis was a promising industry, and in 2005 he decided to attend a marijuana compassion club meeting in Brighton, Mich., where he met several seniors, parents and veterans who were using cannabis as a medicine. Jerry spent the next several years learning about cannabis and its uses while at the same time working in Lansing to move the legalization of medical cannabis forward.

Jerry worked with State Rep. Mike Callton for several years helping pass the laws that would lead to a legal medical cannabis system in Michigan. Jerry also worked on Prop. 1, which Michigan voters assed overwhelmingly in 2018 to legalize adult-use cannabis. Ever since Jerry got involved in the cannabis industry over 15 years ago, he has made a commitment to all medical patients that he would always fight for their rights, which he continues to do to this very day.