Speaker Bio

Jesce Horton

Jesce Horton

Founder, LOWD

Jesce Horton is an engineer by education, an energy management and automation expert through training and a horticulturalist by passion. Horton founded LOWD, a Tier I indoor connoisseur-focused cultivation facility in metro Portland, Oregon. Also, he co-founded the Minority Cannabis Business Association, a nonprofit organization founded to create equal access and economic empowerment for cannabis businesses, their patients, and the communities most affected by the war on drugs.

Horton’s past work in industrial energy efficiency and success in the cannabis industry has been recognized by Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, who appointed him to the Task Force for Cannabis Environmental Best Practice. He also serves as board chairman for the Resource Innovation Institute. Last year, with his wife Jeannette, Horton founded the Nu Leaf Project, a nonprofit that will deliver grants, educational resources, job-matching assistance and entrepreneurial services to cannabis business owners and career hopefuls.

Horton has appeared in numerous publications, including The Guardian, The Washington Post, Cannabis Business Times and USA Today.