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John Cochran

John Cochran

COO, Harvest Health & Recreation

John Cochran has decades of experience leading and driving revenue, profitability, and value at large and well-known multinational brands, including Hollandia Produce, the leading hydroponic farmer, producer, and seller of living greens in North America; Ole Smoky Distillery, the number one un-aged whiskey brand in the United States; Pabst Blue Ribbon, the largest American-owned beer company in the U.S.; and Fiji Water Company, the fastest growing and number two-ranked premium bottled water in the world. He also spent six years with the parent company of Fiji Water, Roll International, owner of juice company POM Wonderful; worked in South Asia as president of General Electric Lighting where he led and directed the efforts of over 1,800 employees across 10 countries; and was a Captain in the United States Air Force where he was awarded two Air Force Commendation Medals for Superior Performance.

Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. is one of the first consistently profitable, vertically integrated cannabis companies with one of the largest footprints in the U.S. Harvest’s complete vertical solution includes industry-leading cultivation, manufacturing, and retail facilities, construction, real estate, technology, operational, and brand building expertise — leveraging in-house legal, HR and marketing teams, along with proven experts in writing and winning state-based applications. The company has more than 525 employees with proven experience, expertise and knowledge of in-house best practices that are drawn upon whenever Harvest enters new markets. Harvest’s executive team is comprised of leaders in finance, compliance, real estate, marketing, and operations. Since its founding in 2011, Harvest has grown its footprint every year and now has 140 licenses in 12 states, with planned expansion into additional states by 2020.


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April 1 @ 11:20 AM

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April 1 @ 1:35 PM

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