Jorel Decker

Jorel Decker

Owner, Ramshead Cannabis

Jorel Decker is a multi-talented entrepreneur who has surprised many as a co-founding member of the platinum-selling band, Hollywood Undead, while simultaneously honing his talent as a cannabis-growing specialist who launched his own brand, Ramshead Cannabis, in 2022.

As a touring musician, he has traveled the world and has sold over 5 million records worldwide. But Jorel's passion for cultivating cannabis is equally impressive. 

Jorel has spent 10 years perfecting his cannabis craft. He is on the front line of new grow technology and has mastered the art of growing premium-quality cannabis. 

Jorel is a true innovator in the industry; his dedication to his craft has earned accolades within the industry. As a result, he has developed a renowned cannabis reputation.

Whether he's on stage or tending to his plants, Jorel pushes boundaries and always strives for excellence.