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Lezli Engelking

Lezli Engelking

Founder & CEO, FOCUS Standards

With a distinguished professional career spanning more than two decades, Engelking has considerable experience in pharmaceuticals, government relations, mental health, and nonprofit industries. Her 12-year tenure with Eli Lilly and Company provided a foundation for her next role as Executive Director of Bloom—the first vertically integrated medical cannabis retail chain in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 2014, Engelking founded FOCUS, the not-for-profit International Cannabis Health and Safety Organization. Engelking has stayed true to FOCUS’ mission to protect public health, consumer safety and safeguard the environment by promoting integrity within the cannabis industry. With a progressive and intuitive approach, Engelking has helped shape local and international policy, including coordinating and developing cannabis specific educational content for the FDA, Department of Agriculture and the National Environmental Health Association. Most recently, Engelking participated in the 2018 United Nations and World Health Organization meetings on the global rescheduling of cannabis.


Part II: Cannabis Testing: Get a Grip On Your Lab Results

April 2 @ 4:00 PM

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