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Mark Zatyrka

Mark Zatyrka

CEO, Insa

Mark Zatyrka is the CEO of Insa, a mult-state vertically integrated cannabis operator. Zatyrka has been working with Insa since 2013 and has secured licenses and community host agreements in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Insa Easthampton was the fifth recreational dispensary open east of Colorado. In addition to securing additional licenses, Zatyrka also oversees all operations in all Insa locations. Insa products are sold in approximately half of all Massachusetts dispensaries. Prior Insa, Zatyrka was an owner of a national specialty pharmacy that provided life-saving home infusion medication coast to coast. Zatyrka also has a vast background in non-profit work, including sitting on the board of five different non-profits and starting his own non-profit in Connecticut. Prior to his work in healthcare, Zatyrka worked in TV and film with MTV Films, MTV and VH1. Zatyrka has also been an outspoken advocate for patient rights on a state level in New England as well as on a national level in Washington, D.C.


Tips for Creating a Winning License Application

April 1 @ 2:35 PM

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