Speaker Bio

Mojave Richmond

Mojave Richmond

Founding Member, BioAgronomics Group Consultants

In the early 1990s Mojave Richmond settled in the Netherlands, became involved in their newly emerging marijuana industry, and began breeding Cannabis for specific therapeutic properties. Mojave developed the award-winning strain ‘S.A.G.E.’ which served as a springboard for creating many notable cultivars. Throughout his many years in the Netherlands Mojave did extensive research on various cultivation techniques from indoor hydroponics to large scale commercial glass house operations. 

In 2015 Mojave Co-founded BioAgronomics Group with ethnobotanist and author Robert C. Clarke. BioAgronomics group has worked both domestically and internationally offering stakeholders in the emerging cannabis economy guidance based on integrated approaches, workable strategies, and effective solutions developed through years of experience applying scientific principles on many fronts.

Mojave presently works with the cannabis IP company Breeders Best as Director of Horticulture and Research. Mojave continues to breed and develop critically acclaimed cultivars offering specific therapeutic attributes without compromising agronomic viability. Mojave’s visions for the future, combined with his valuable experience, present unique perspectives for the cannabis business sector.