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Neil Demers

Neil Demers

Chief Executive Officer, Diego Pellicer - Colorado

Neil Demers won the Cannabis Business Awards’ 2017 Executive of the Year. Demers is an expert in all aspects of the cannabis industry including retail, grow and edible and concentrate operations. He specializes in the development, growth, execution and compliance of cannabis retail stores, commercial grow warehouses and large-scale edible and concentrate companies.

Demers currently owns and operates one of the leading, award-winning dispensaries in Colorado, Diego Pellicer, which won Best Recreational Dispensary 2017 and 2018 by the Cannabis Business Awards.

Prior to his current venture, Demers was the Chief Operations Officer of multiple retail and grow operations in Colorado; and then a leading edible company. Demers also sits on the board of directors for Clover Leaf University, a nationally accredited cannabis university.


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