Speaker Bio

Rick Fisher

Rick Fisher

Chief Revenue Officer, Canndescent

From start-up environments to well established businesses, Rick has played a meaningful role in growing organizations from the ground up and from plateaued positions. The culmination of this 20 years of varied experience has made Rick uniquely qualified to take on the complexities and challenges of an emerging market with accelerated growth potential.

In 1995, Rick co-founded Bargain Network, Inc. (BNI), which grew into one of the nation’s more respected direct-to-consumer marketing organizations, managing the deployment of more than $120 million in print, television, and online advertising. The success of BNI’s marketing team was viewed as a significant asset in the $65m sale to Vertrue (VTRU).

In 2003, Rick joined Specialty Merchandise Corporation where he led a reinvention of the firm’s direct-to-consumer marketing model, moving into continuity and online marketing. In 2005, Rick founded Permilia, a direct to consumer online marketing agency.  In January 2010, Telifi was spun off, taking online sales into offline engagements and creating ancillary revenue channels for online retailers.

Later in 2010, Rick joined Rebuildus as CMO, leaning into the mortgage meltdown and acquiring over 4,000 residential properties in partnership with investors. Joining Direct Action Group in 2012, ultimately becoming the CEO, Rick led the team in marrying continuity and affiliate marketing with call center proficiency, scaling campaigns in the diet, skin care, and other membership based verticals.

In 2015, acting as interim CEO of Mutual Minds, Rick positioned the organization for scale through advancements in technology, management, and business development.

Currently serving as Chief Revenue Officer of CANNDESCENT, Rick oversees all revenue streams including wholesale and DTC. Joining the partnership at CANNDESCENT was a natural fit, where Rick's experience in consumer marketing and operational development has driven early stage growth at an accelerated pace. CANNDESCENT optimizes, brands, and professionally operates one of the more enjoyable businesses in the fastest growing market in the country.

Advisory Board Member at PAYWHIRL and member of the Distribution Advisory Committe for the United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA).