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Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee

Founder, Chimera Genetic Resource Management & Chemovar Health Inc.

Ryan Lee is a cannabis breeder, author, and researcher specializing in cannabis genetic resources—with a unique emphasis on developing disease-specific cultivars of desired cannabinoid and terpene composition. Renowned in the industry for his broad understanding of cannabis genetics and metabolites, Lee is an expert in manipulating, over generations, the plant’s biosynthetic pathways. Due to his intensive laboratory research into the chemotaxic grouping of cannabis varieties, and the mechanisms of inheritance for the metabolites produced by the plant, Lee is a recognized thought leader in the fields of cannabis genetics and breeding. Lee has worked with the most advanced cannabis groups internationally to develop tissue culture protocols for standardized plantlet production, and to design and implement breeding programs focused on the development of unique medicinal and adult-use varieties.


Growing From Tissue Culture, Clones and Seeds

April 2 @ 4:40 PM

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