Sequoah Turner

Sequoah Turner

Vice President of Retail, The Source+

Sequoah Turner brings more than 16 years of luxury and cannabis retail experience to her position as Senior Director of Retail for The Source, one of Nevada’s top-rated cannabis dispensaries.

Turner was promoted to Senior Director of Retail for The Source in June 2022 and currently leads all retail and allocations operations in addition to managing the compliance and buying teams for the award-winning company. With years of experience in luxury retail and cannabis, Turner lends insight into the financial planning and management of retail budgets including key stakeholder budgets. She is also currently leading all of The Source’s new licensing endeavors, including its much-anticipated cannabis lounge which will debut in downtown Las Vegas later this year.

Turner, who joined the company as Director of Retail, continues to support more than 200 retail employees across the company’s five locations state-wide, including coaching retail managers through operational changes and store openings. Much of her time is spent guiding internal teams in crafting retail initiatives, memorable customer experiences and creating development opportunities by consistently keeping her team engaged with its mission in an ever-changing cannabis industry.


A respected retail veteran with a wide range of retail expertise to her credit, Turner gained valuable experience of the cannabis industry through her roles as director of retail for Essence Dispensary in Las Vegas from 2014 to 2019 and a position at Agri-Genesis in Missouri. She has also held key positions at luxury icon Tiffany & Co., where she was operations manager for the blue-chip label from 2007 to 2014 and as director of retail for AREA15, an experiential retail and entertainment complex located in Las Vegas.


After working in luxury retail for several years, Turner was intrigued by the radically different pace of the cannabis industry to traditional retail. Eager to take on the challenge of a heightened sense of urgency each day, Turner stays true to her strategy of implementing an increased focus on training and compliance, because it leads to a more stable foundation upon which to grow.

Turner understands the importance of consistency and transparency in setting an operational strategy, and she and The Source pride themselves on being in tune with their customers’ needs when approaching their decision-making process. They achieve this through commitment to sincerity and authenticity, being open to listening to the customer is paramount to determine what experience they are seeking and how to best cater to them.

Turner holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Davidson College as well as a master’s degree in business from AIU University. Her academic and professional experience assist her in developing and building upon key partnerships with cultivators and key stakeholders in the rapidly growing industry for a bright future ahead.