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Shane Yoakam

Shane Yoakam

Genetic Development/Operations, The Dutch Consulting Company

Known as Sunycheba in the cannabis community, Shane Yoakam has been cultivating and breeding unique cultivars on the West Coast for more than two decades. As a medical patient early in California’s medical marijuana program Yoakam worked to develop colorful, anthocyanin-rich cultivars such as the Double Purple Doja, Black Cherry, Neon Super Skunk, Pink Lemonade, Lemon Freeze and more. His passion for cannabis is not only in the garden—he is an educator and an advocate who has worked to help write state regulations on cannabis breeding and nursery programs. Currently, Yoakam is acting as the lead grower with The Dutch Consulting Company at its Harborside Farms contract.


Cannabis Breeding: Methods, Ethics and Desired Outcomes

April 3 @ 11:55 AM

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