Will Bowden

Will Bowden

Founder and Owner, Grasshopper Farms

Will Bowden is an experienced leader with a diverse professional background in military, law enforcement, sales, marketing operations, and the pharmaceutical industry.

After joining the US Navy in 1997, Will went on to establish himself as a top performer in every assignment - starting with boot camp, within the Special Operations Forces, and complex assignments with global responsibility and impact. As Will transitioned from active duty to the reserve community, he has continued to execute at the highest levels as a SWAT officer. He then transitioned to corporate America where he delivered beyond expectations in an evolving pharmaceutical space.

Will was recruited to the cannabis space after retiring as a Lieutenant Commander from the US Coast Guard. His proven track record as both enlisted and as an officer in the Coast Guard and Navy coupled with 14 years of pharmaceutical experience were the perfect balance needed in this rapidly expanding industry. He accepted the challenge and within a year Will had produced a licensed operation with three retail locations, one indoor cultivation, the market leader, and the local team.

Will was also responsible for developing four additional business line opportunities for expansion, including indoor cultivation and adding an outdoor farm. Will has since directed his attention exclusively to the outdoor farming opportunity. Investing more than a year to vet the opportunity, gain approvals, hire a team of expert local farmers and buy suitable land, Will then transitioned 100% to leading Grasshopper Farms.